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A Level II Bioenergy Healing Training took place on August 1-3. As part of this training, the public was offered 4 days of complimentary treatments. Over 40 people attended this event with certified instructor, Zoran Hochstatter, one of seven privileged instructors of the Zdenko Domancic method and his wife Stephanie Cote leading the training/treatment sessions. Read what clients have to say thus far:

"My son was scared to death of thunderstorms. He would experience panic attacks even thinking about an impending storm. After only two treatments, his fear is gone. We look forward to the remaining two treatments."
- L.S.

"I am finally experiencing relief from the osteoporosis that has been a chronic problem for years. I am a believer."
- C.S.

"I was shaking like a leaf. The migrain has lessened after only one treatment. I look forward to it going away completely."
- S.C

Hi, It went well. I was experiencing some pain in my left knee, but after the 4 days it seems to have alleviated. Was good to see you too.
- Thanks, B.

Pearlan, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The boys and I loved the experience today. C. is a total convert!! He was very negative and anxious at first. He loved his experience and the gentleman (Dr. Leo Arcand) that worked with him. He talked about the bioenergy experience all the way home. B is an old pro now!! LOL

Pearlan, My white blood cell count has risen from .2 to 3.5. as a result of the Bioenergy Healing sessions. More tests coming in. I feel great. Thank you to Zoran, Patty Schryver, Mario Dube. James Huggins and the others who worked on me.
- C.

Andrea, I can't believe how much better I feel. After the sessions, there is no more pain in my back, hip, or foot. Please let me know when you will be holding BIOENERGY clinics.

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Phone: 781-721-7299  *  Email: Pearlan@aol.com

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